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In 2002, the company established the technology research and development center, and used 5% of the annual sales revenue for product research and development. Since the establishment of the center, it has successively developed new products with independent intellectual property rights of Gaofeng group, including electric melting pipe fittings, polypropylene pipes and their composite masterbatch, as well as their manufacturing methods. So far, the company has accumulated 36 national patents. Technology is the core competitiveness of products, and the technical promotion of products is the guarantee to win. Every technological transformation, every new product, launch, all shine with the R & D staff's perseverance and perseverance. Their deep understanding and skillful mastery of technology, and their constant focus on new technology research and development of plastic pipe make us always stand at the forefront of the industry. Science and technology are people-oriented, and products are quality-oriented. Our products are developing in the direction of modularization and current low-level development, so as to really win the battle from the small to the big.