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Our company has relatively complete quality assurance measures and a series of organizational measures, and is equipped with corresponding personnel, and has passed ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification in 2002. The company adheres to the quality policy of "scientific and technological innovation, strict management, excellence and customer satisfaction", and ensures product quality through a series of product quality assurance measures such as raw material quality management, pre manufacturing quality condition review, process quality management, finished product quality management, quality abnormal response and handling, quality management before the finished product leaves the factory, and product quality abnormal analysis and improvement. Our company not only has one of the world's advanced production equipment, but also has formed a team of production management personnel and production management order. The orderly quality control system and raw materials ensure the excellence of our company's product quality. Our company promises that our company's PE pipes and pipe fittings are produced in accordance with national standards and quality requirements, and the products produced are qualified products, and their use is guaranteed The service life is more than 50 years. Under the correct operation, the service life of the welding joint is guaranteed to be more than 50 years.